Moses Mabhida Stadium Durban

Suite leasing

Suite leasing

The Private Executive Suites: West and East Stands

Located on Level 3 and Level 5 on either side of the Presidential Suite; and on Level 5 at the Presidential Atrium; and directly opposite the Presidential Suite on the East  Side of the stadium known as the Ocean Atrium, the Executive Suites have the most sought after vantage point. From here, guests enjoy first class entertainment in a world class environment.

The Executive Suites on both the West and East Stands offer guests a hassle free approach to the stadium through a separate entrance, dedicated underground parking bays and exclusive VIP access. There are also double volume meeting areas and superior quality finishes throughout which enhances the luxurious experience, as well as being transported in glass lifts which showcase magnificent scenic views of Durban to your suite. Luxurious covered seating offers guests fantastic views from which to watch your favourite team on the pitch.

The Private Executive Suites: Arch Window Suites

Located on the North East and West and South  East and West stands on Level 5. These Executive Suites offer spectacular views of the pitch and through the unique window on the South side of the stadium. VIP parking and VIP controlled access offer guests an easy approach to the Arch Window Suites. There is also access to balconies which offer views across the city and the ocean respectively.

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