Moses Mabhida Stadium Durban

Non-commercial photography - for those who just shoot for fun!

Non-commercial photography – for those who just shoot for fun!

We welcome photographers to explore the stadium and People’s Park – professional, amateur, hobbyist or Instagrammers and take photos for non-commercial purposes ie for your own pleasure and interest, art, publication on your websites / blogs/ social media etc but not for monetary gain. Please just drop the stadium a line to let us know you are coming along so we can brief our security team to expect photographers around the stadium, if they are not aware they will think the shoot is unauthorised and stop the action.

Please understand it is very difficult for security guards to discern the difference between hobbyists and photographers carrying out commercial shoots – the only way for us to handle this is to be aware of your visit. Please email Nomzamo Ciliza on or call her on 031 322 9955 (Ext 29944).

Any commissioned work for which you will be paid (advertising, marketing material, photos or video for any business entity) or you are shooting specifically to sell, please follow the application process for commercial photo/ film shoots .

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