Moses Mabhida Stadium Durban

AmaZulu Football Club

AmaZulu Football Club

AmaZulu FC Durban

AmaZulu FC is a South African professional football club and the stadium’s home team. Formed in 1932 by Zulu migrant workers, the club was originally known as Zulu Royals. The club’s nickname Usuthu is a Zulu war cry.

The existence of the team started in the early 1930’s when it was known as Zulu Royal Conquerors. After performing well in their games, the team was introduced to the Zulu King that was King Solomon. kaDinizulu in 1932 and then King Solomon decided to change the team’s name to Zulu Royals. The King gave the team owners the right to use the Shield as their logo and changed the team colours to royal blue and white.

Check out the AmaZulu FC website for more information.

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