The festive season is here, and 2016 is around the corner! But before we pop the champagne and celebrate the start of a new year, there’s a whole holiday season of kicking back, relaxing and having fun to get through.  And what better place to do so than right here at Moses Mabhida?

Skate, cycle or splash?
Whether it’s pushing a longboard, pedalling a bike or climbing the jungle gym, there’s plenty to do for kids and kidults alike at the People’s Park Playground.  Not feeling so adventurous? Stay refreshed with delicious snacks and drinks from the People’s Park Cafe while you watch the little ones splash about in the fountain.


People’s Park Cafe: +27 (0) 31 303 5719 or visit People’s Park Cafe

The beach without the burn!
Feel like cruising the promenade but not so keen on breaking a sweat? Why not try one of our Segway tours? Start out at the Stadium and cross over to the beach, you’ll be gliding alongside Durban’s big blue in no time. Choose from a variety of routes, from the short and sweet to uShaka and back.


Segway:+27 (0) 83 456 8507 or visit Segway Tours

Stairway to the sky
Fancy being on top of the world? Then why not do our adventure walk? Come on! It’s only 500 steps to the top! And if the trek up doesn’t take your breath away, the panoramic views will. Take it all in, take a selfie, take as long as you like…


Adventure Walk: +27 (0) 31 582 8242 or check out Adventure Walk

Wanna hold a Guinness World Record?
Well now you can! Ok, not really, but you can come close! At 220 meters high, our Big Rush Big Swing holds the Guinness Record for the tallest in the world. Perfect for those who like a little thrill seeking of the adrenaline-based variety!


Big Rush Big Swing: +27 (0) 31 312 9281

Feeling for more?
Not to worry! We have a ton of exciting events lined up. From markets and concerts to sports and everything in between. Stay clued up with our calendar here: MMS Events

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