Winter might be here sooner than you think and although it’s only getting slightly cooler these days,  when it comes to staying fit, Durban still brings the heat. The North Beach Park Run is a weekly 5km timed run that takes place along the Golden Mile, every Saturday at 8am.

The cool thing about this run is that is costs you absolutely nothing to take part in (you just need to make sure you register) and you can do it at your own comfortable pace. It doesn’t matter whether you are serious about getting fit or just want to meet new like-minded people, Park Run doesn’t judge, but what it does do is help you reach your goals by letting your body be your own guide, instead of racing against other participants.

Events like these are always great because they make a valuable contribution to the way our community approaches health and fitness in general. It is also a fantastic way to keep up to date with the Durban running scene, by finding out about other running related events and activations in and around the City.

They say running is cheaper than therapy, so get up and get out and go see what Park Run is all about!

Venue: The Suncoast Promenade (meet in front of the food court area)

Time: 8:00, every Saturday

Info & Rules: Check out North Beach Park Run.

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