Situated in the beautiful People’s Park, Park Fit offers a free workout session every Saturday morning, each week varying in exercise and caters for every fitness level.

With People’s Park Café within the same vicinity, one can enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast after your refreshing workout, creating the perfect start to your weekend.

We chatted to Zani Cawood who came up with the idea for the weekly exercise classes to learn a bit more about what Park Fit has to offer.


MMS: We see that Park Fit offers a variety of different exercise classes every Saturday for free. What exactly do these classes consist of and how does one know which exercise class will be available that Saturday?

ZA: These classes consist of circuits made up to give you a full body workout using things that can be found in the park such as benches, stairs and anything else we use to create a different exercise circuit every week. There is a mixture of yoga, body weighted exercises and interval training, just to name a few. Every weekend is different and if we have something special on like ropes, kettle bells or themed days then you will be notified on our FB page.

MMS: What inspired you to start the classes at People’s Park?

ZA: We were inspired by the beautiful and safe setting that People’s Park offers to all those that visit the park. We knew this was the perfect setting for us to run outdoor fitness programs from as it’s safe and there is a lovely playground for the kids to play in while mom and dad get their weekend exercise in. We wanted to give back to the community and just knew that this was the perfect place.

MMS: Who are your classes aimed at and can anybody participate?

ZA: Our classes are aimed at anyone who wants to exercise on the weekend but doesn’t want to do yet another gym session, and also those who don’t like to exercise at gym and would rather enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a great way to learn different types of exercise and how to do them correctly.  It’s great for parents as their children can play safely while they exercise. We cater for all fitness levels and age groups. The classes are open to all and we always say the more the merrier.


MMS: Where exactly are the classes situated within the Park?

ZA:We generally run the classes on the grass patch right in front of People’s Park Cafe. If the I heart Market is on then we move further back onto the grass section by the metal stairs. You can’t miss us.

MMS: What is the difference, if any, between outdoor and indoor exercise? Does the environment make an impact on the level of exercise?

ZA: There is a huge difference exercising outdoors as opposed to indoors. With indoor exercise you’re not stuck inside with mostly a view of others exercising, gym equipment and loud music-not to mention you probably have to wait for equipment and are limited for space.

Now being outdoors, you get fresh air and have all the space you need to pretty much do any form of exercise you could do indoors. The outdoors provides you with such a variety of things you can do, you just have to get creative. Very often nowadays we don’t get to spend enough time outside with our busy schedules, so it’s important to take time out, be outside and enjoy nature. Not to mention the natural vitamin B we get from the sun is super important too.

Spending time outdoors helps with stress so why not mix that up with some exercise and you have the perfect recipe for good health, plus it’s also very social.

MMS: People’s Park café is right on you doorstep so to speak. Do you think that the morning classes, alongside having the café right there, go well together and make for a great venue?

ZA: It’s perfect because you can go and enjoy a cup of their amazing coffee afterwards and they have a great selection of healthy breakfasts. It’s a perfect morning out for friends and family.


MMS: If the weather for the day doesn’t look to be great, what is the alternative and how are the attendees of your classes made aware of any changes?

ZA: Unfortunately if the weather isn’t great we cancel the session. People are notified on our Facebook page. If they search Park Fit – People’s Park Cafe and like the page they will get all information, photo uploads (so they can share and boast to their friends) and health tips.

MMS: How has the response for these weekly free classes been thus far?

ZA: It’s been great and it’s continuously growing in numbers. We have only been running for 2 months now and we have people who come from as far as Hillcrest and Ballito. People have enjoyed not only the exercising side, but the socailising and laughter throughout the session.

Who do we contact for more information?

Visit Park Fit Facebook Page


Contact: Zanie on 0734633553 or Liesha on 0727724146.