Is it a spaceman? Is it a teletubby?

If you were somewhere around the stadium last week Wednesday, you might have doubted your sanity a little as you watched an interesting figure walking over the #MMStadium arch!

On Wednesday, 21 May, saturation deep sea diver and SA wildlife advocate Steve Entwistle took his love for rhinos, to the next level. Literally.

Kitted out in a diving suit from the early 1900’s weighing an approximate 70 kgs, he succeeded in conquering the infamous #MMStadium Adventure Walk, a mere 500 steps up to the top of the arch. It took him just over 2 hours, but he did it!

Steve Entwistle Tusks and Horns

Every step he took formed part of a charity exercise for the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation to raise funds for KZN’s first ever rhino rehabilitation centre at Thula Thula Game Reserve. This was just one of the many interesting concepts Steve has put together to help raise awareness and to highlight the poaching of rhinos and elephants through education and action.


You can follow his next adventure and fundraising efforts via his personal initiative, Tusks and Horns.

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Photography: Sean Baker