Recently we caught up with Durban photographer, Keirran Allen. At the age of 22, he’s already taking the Durban shores by storm. You may have seen him on the sidelines of many a Durban Football matches at the Moses Mabhida Stadium and so we decided to have a chat with him and grab all the low down from him about what he loves about Durban and his booming career.

 “my blood is actually yellow and I don’t go into the sun without my ninja suit on”

MMS: Hi Kierran, we can see that you’re super passionate about what you do. Tell us a bit more about yourself and how your work has influenced your lifestyle?

KA: Photography has literally consumed my life in such a good way. Before I even thought of becoming a photographer I was mixing with the wrong people, doing the wrong things and basically going down a road that not many people return from! Photography on the other hand, showed me a life of purpose and meaning. I now at the age of 22 am shooting for Moses Mabhida, Top Gear, ICC, the list goes on. My life did a 360 and went from nothing to everything. It was not easy but it can be done. A photographer must be one of the coolest jobs a person can do, you meet great people, see amazing places and have images to look back on, don’t get me wrong its not easy, but all I can say is that it’s an amazing life! Photography is not a job for me, it’s a way of life.


MMS: We have worked together before so we know how enthusiastic and driven you are, give us some insight into what drives you?

KA: This is something I actually get asked quite a lot, for me its about change, its so easy to sit back and let things come to you, I mean if you’re good you don’t have to do much marketing, things will just happen naturally. However, for me it’s the challenge of being out there on my own and making things happen for myself. It’s that constant change and having to adapt to certain situations. For example, shooting a football game vs Festival of Colour, two totally different genres of photography that require the complete opposite execution.


MMS: You shoot a lot for the stadium especially sporting events, what’s it like being on that filed with 56 000 screaming fans?

KA:  Breathtaking, football is one of my favorite things to shoot. When you see an entire stadium of passionate supporters screaming their lungs out and blowing those Vuvuzelas like there’s no tomorrow-no words can describe it…goose bumps!




MMS: Where or what is your favourite place to shoot in and around Durban and why?

KA: It’s really hard to pin point a location or object. I love shooting wide images so I would have to say the tops of buildings, the beachfront, Moses Mabhida Stadium and the harbour. Why I say that is because I like my images to have some form of depth and this City has so much to offer!

MMS: Are there any upcoming events in Durban that you’re particularly looking forward to?

KA: The Top Gear Festival I reckon is my number one, just because im one of the official photographers. The Comrades is also fun, shooting from the back of a motorbike is always a blast. For now I would say those two events, there are others but I would probably be shot if I opened my mouth!! haha


“shooting from the back of a motorbike is always a blast”

MMS: How would you describe Durban to somebody that has never been here before?

KA: Best city in South Africa, you have the beach, bush and everything inbetween!




MMS: And lastly for all the photographers out there, give us a rundown of your setup that you use?

KA: I am a Nikon guy, my blood is actually yellow and I don’t go into the sun without my ninja suit on!! Okay, on a serious note, I shoot with a Nikon D700 and a D300s, lenses are mainly a Nikon 70-200mm F2.8, 14-24mm F2.8 Fisheye 10,5mm F2.8, 18mm F3.5, 50mm F1.4 and a 400 F2.8. Then it’s the Imac, Macbook, Ipad, Iphone, Camera Bag and tripod! All of the above cost extreme amounts of money and I can advise up and coming photographers to forget about that new car or holiday overseas and buy proper gear, its worth every last cent!



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