Real Name: Mark Witthoft
IG Name: @Pixanator
Followers: 2219
Followings: 1640


Hey Mark! You’ve been snapping away at Moses Mabhida for a while now, and we’ve always been in awe of how you capture the essence of #MMS so well in your photos! Tell us what sparks your passion for taking photos of this iconic South African landmark?

I would say two main things, the first being that it is the most beautiful stadium in South Africa and literally shouts ‘take a pic of me’ every time I go to the stadium. Secondly I love my sport so it’s hard not to show our stadium off.

When did you start using Instagram and when/why do you think your images started gaining popularity?

I started just over a year back. I would say that my photo’s started getting noticed a few months back. There are incredibly talented local ‘grammers who inspire me. I’m constantly on the lookout for something unique and different, yet beautiful which people seem to like.

When you’re not taking pictures, what do you do for a living? Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a fairly relaxed guy who enjoys sport, travelling, and exploring new places in the City, photography, a walk on the beach, and a good old braai on a Saturday afternoon. Andwhen I’m not out doing all that, I’m a regional manager in the corporate world.

Instagram has such an awesome community vibe, if you had to shine the spotlight on 3 Durban-based grammar’s who would they be?

Phew, this is a tough one as there are so many incredibly talented ‘grammers.

@Travel_buggy – Every single shot is simply wow.
@dane_forman – Really got me inspired on Instagram.
@_taroism_ – Really captures the essence and heartbeat of the city.

Who are the top three international Instagrammers that inspire you?

The other three are also South Africans, who are world class, and have the most amazing galleries:

@garethpon, @craighowes and @thatchriswessels – who has the best shot of #MMStadium that I have ever seen!

What do you love most about this platform and how have you benefited from it?

I love how you can have 20 people at one place, but find 20 different photos and perspectives of the place as we all see the world around us with different eyes. I have made some great friends through the platform who I would never have met otherwise. I enjoy the sense of community which one finds on Instagram.

Any favourite apps? What do you use to edit your photos?

I use Snapseed for my edits, and occasionally use the editing tool within Instagram to brush up on certain functions which Snapseed doesn’t have.

Any Instagram best practice advice for aspiring users?

Don’t photo bomb people no matter how cute your poodle may be! Turn your camera around sometimes. We get how you look by the 50th pic! Find your own photographic ‘language’ and learn from others. Go to your local Instagram walks, they really are a great way to meet fellow ‘grammers.

Do you think you have to be a good photographer to be popular on Instagram?

It’s not a prerequisite to start with. But as you improve your skills and get to interact with other grammers, your popularity will increase.

How do you feel about hashtags? Do you think they push likes or new followers?

Hashtags can help if used correctly. Generally you will find that if you use ‘like4like’, or ‘follow4follow’ type hashtags, you tend to get non-interactive followers which is no fun. Use relevant, yet popular tags, and don’t expect people to like and follow you if you aren’t doing to same back.

If you had to choose 5 of your favourite photos, which ones would you say you are particularly proud of?  

These are a selection of my favourite IG photos.. you get to pick the ones you like from these! (Ed note – we couldn’t pick! So six of them make up the feature image of this article and the other five are below):






Lastly, the wild card question! If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why? 🙂

I love chocolate so it would have to be Coco Pops