So you’re Durban born-and-raised: you went to school here, studied here, worked here. You’re a straight up local and you’re convinced you’ve seen everything there is to see in eThekwini.

Well, Durbs Thursdays is here to re-convince you.

We reckon the best way to rediscover your city is to explore it like a tourist… which means plenty of happy-snapping. And as technology would have it, smartphone happy-snapping is the way to go.

So where are we going with all of this? We’re talking Instawalk-ing. You don’t have to be a hipster or a tourist to Instagram everything around you. All you need is a smartphone, the Instagram app installed, and of course, a keen eye for scenes that usually go unnoticed. Sorted.

Next, follow @igersdurban (Instagrammers Durban) on Instagram to check out when their next Instawalk is happening. Bring your friends and their phones along, and transform the mundane into something spectacular, with the help of a few filters, of course.

Who knows, your creative shot could be the next Photo Feature.

Instawalk Durban

Not only is Instawalking a great way to appreciate the finer details of Durbs, it’s a really great way to meet other locals too.

Follow @igersdurban on Instagram for the next Instawalk.