Despite the threatening weather on Saturday, the ‘Steppers’ who all partook in the StepUp 500 Challenge managed to raise R275 000 for the Jumping Kids Prosthetic Fund at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

‘Steppers’ Natalie Jay, Dick Muir, Tyrone Pillay, Troy Prinsloo, Carl Stow, Ross Veenstra and Natasja Barnard woke up to pouring rain but were fortunate enough when the rain subsided for a few hours and they were able to get the job done in time.


A special thank you goes out to Mr Vivian Reddy who joined the team, climbed the stairs with the group and donated his cheque for R275 000 at the top of the arch.

During the event, Sharkie made a surprise appearance, which was the cherry on top of the cake for the kids of the Jumping Kids Prosthetic Foundation who got the opportunity to watch the Sharks last home game that afternoon too.


Overall the event was a huge success with a total of R550 000 being raised for it’s two charities, the CANSA Fund and the Jumping Kids Prosthetic Fund thus far.

The StepUp 500 Challenge is sure to leave a huge impact on all those that were involved in and benefited from the event, especially the children.



We will keep you posted regarding the Stepup 500 Challenge next month and how you can be a part of this event.

How can you help?

Donations: Gill on 079 528 4665 or email gill@sugarrush.co.za

Website: www.steup500.co.za