Durbs Thursdays has always been about the undiscovered treasures of Durban – those attractions that make you say, “Woah, I didn’t know Durban had that!”. This time around though, it’s one we all know is there, but chances are, you haven’t given it your all. We’re talking about Fun World, and we’re talking full on candy-flossing, ice-creaming, ride-hopping fun.


Photo: Khidra Stevens

This is one you don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy, and it’s a really cool day out for the grown-ups who want to be not-so-grown-ups, even just for an afternoon. Situated near the beachfront on the newly-revamped promenade – it’s perfectly positioned to go for a refreshing dip in the ocean after all that running around, or to go for a bite to eat once you’ve worked up an appetite.

With fifteen rides in total, including the unmissable aerial cableway that runs parallel to the beach, and the Swing Boat, there’s something for the kids (and the kids at heart).


Photo: Khidra Stevens

And what’s rad is, all rides are priced between R10 and R15 – so this is a day out that’s not going to break the bank. And even better than that? Durban Fun World is open till late, so you can get that adrenaline pumping long after the sun has gone down.

For exact times, costs and other details, visit their website and Like them on Facebook.

Things you might not know about Fun World:

In the 30’s: Founded by Arthur Thornton, Durban Fun World started out as a miniature steam train ride.

In the 50’s: It was later bought by Arthur’s son-in-law Nic Steyn Snr, who also built a paddle steam boat which operated in the pool on the beachfront. This is when ‘Durban Miniature Railways’ started becoming an amusement park.

In the 60’s: Nic Snr introduced the Dodgem Track. Being able to operate in all weather, and in the evenings, saw the amusement park grow significantly.

In the 70’s: The renowned Cableway was built, which, almost 40 years later, still gives one of the best panoramic views of Durban’s beachfront.

In the 80’s: This is when it was named Fun World, which is around the time the Steyn family developed and built Durban Waterworld.

In the 2000’s: Durban Fun World was taken over by Nic Steyn Jnr.